The principle of “one person, one vote,” is essential to our Republic. Unfortunately, Democrats in Richmond and in Washington D.C. are working overtime to erode that principle and sow distrust in our elections.

For 17 years, Tim fought for commonsense election integrity measures like his 2007 legislation that directed localities to replace direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines with paper ballot machines.

Tim Hugo believes we must restore confidence in our election system and that is why, as Lieutenant Governor, he will fight for commonsense election integrity measures like:

  • Reinstating the requirement of a photo ID to cast a ballot
  • Updating Virginia’s voter rolls
  • Tightening vote by mail requirements
  • Ensuring poll watchers have unrestricted access to all vote counting and ballot transport

“Tim was a staunch ally in the fight for commonsense election integrity measures when we were members of the House Privileges and Elections Committee. I know that is a fight he will continue as Lieutenant Governor. I am proud to support his campaign and look forward to working with him to take back our Commonwealth and restore sensible conservative governance in Richmond.” 

– Augusta Clerk of the Court and Former Delegate Steve Landes