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Tim believes in prioritizing the conservation of Virginia’s natural beauty for future generations. From the Great Dismal Swamp to Great Falls, over 400 years Virginians have made a commitment to protect and treasure the Commonwealth’s natural wonders.

On energy, Tim believes that Virginia requires an all-of-the-above approach. Energy independence has been America’s “Achilles’ Heel” in the recent past. Providing cleaner and reliable energy is a monumental task looking to the future. It will require the help of solar and wind incorporated with our existing coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy options.

In 2018, Tim sponsored legislation removing barriers for solar project development, strengthening our grid infrastructure, and directing utilities to generate more power from renewable sources — specifically 5,000 megawatts of utility solar and wind energy.

2018: HB1202 – introduced bill to create a pilot program that ensures the proposed Haymarket 230 kV power lines are buried.

2018: HB1215 – introduced bill that declares that the construction or purchase of certain solar generation facilities, or the purchase of the energy, capacity, and environmental attributes from the facilities, is in the public interest. This bill was amended to include wind energy.

2018: HB1261 – introduced bill that an energy efficiency program proposed by an electric or gas utility is in the public interest if the net present value of the benefits exceeds the net present value of the costs as determined by any three of four benefit-cost tests​. Amending the statute will increase the availability of efficiency programs for customers and improve Virginia’s efficiency ranking, as well as helping natural gas and electric customers reduce their energy consumption, thereby saving electricity and reducing their bills.

2015: HB2267 –  introduced the bill that established the Virginia Solar Energy Development Authority. This new body will help facilitate the growth of the solar energy industry in the Commonwealth.

2014: HB1239 –  introduced the bill that exempts solar energy facilities from real and personal property taxes.

2013: HB1695 –  was a co-patron of the bill to provide access to net metering on renewable-energy-generating agricultural operations.

2007: HB 2708 – fought for the inclusion of net metering. The default service provider may enter into an agreement to purchase any excess electricity generated by an eligible customer-generator that is consistent with the minimum requirements for such contracts established by the State Corporation Commission.