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Tim believes that every child in Virginia deserves a high-quality education. Virginia has outstanding teachers, who are often over-burdened by unnecessary paperwork. In order for Virginia to continue to attract and retain the best teachers available, Tim has supported pay raises for Virginia’s K-12 teachers, as well as helping to make sure that no teacher is unfairly targeted during grievance procedures.

Regarding higher education, Tim believes that Virginia’s public colleges and universities should be made more available to the Commonwealth’s students. He has consistently fought for more slots in Virginia’s public colleges and universities for in-state students by sponsoring legislation that would require these institutions to admit 75% Virginia residents. He also introduced legislation (HB1980) which directs Virginia’s public colleges and universities to make the costs, fees, graduation rates, post-graduate statistics, and other important data to students and parents easily accessible on their website’s homepage. This is to ensure that students and parents have quick access to the information they need when making the important decision regarding post-secondary educatio


HB2151 – Tim supported this legislation, which reforms the evaluation processes for teachers and certain administrators and clarifies contract status for existing teachers.

HB2144 – Tim supported this legislation, which creates additional instructional time for reading specialists to improve reading proficiency.


HB 1980 – Tim introduced this legislation, which requires each four-year public institution of higher education in the Commonwealth to maintain information on its website related to undergraduate retention and graduation rates, tuition and mandatory student fee increases, the use of student fees, postsecondary education and employment, and the institution’s finances.

HB 2320 – Tim supported this legislation, which establishes a degree program whereby an undergraduate student in Virginia may complete a bachelor’s degree at a tuition cost not to exceed $4,000 per academic year, or a total of $16,000. This can be done through the use of online, community college, or public or private college or university courses, the course credit.

HB 1895 – Tim supported this legislation, which gives public four-year higher education institutions in Virginia an incentive to offer a “Flat-Fee Degree” or discounted tuition and reduced fees for students seeking degrees that prepare them for employment in high-demand fields.