Human Trafficking

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Tim has been a leader in Virginia’s fight against human trafficking. According to the US Department of Justice, human trafficking has become the second fastest growing crime in the nation, and Northern Virginia is not immune to these disgusting offenders.

Working with activist groups and citizens, as well as his colleagues in the General Assembly, Tim has introduced four laws in the past five years to increase awareness of this issue and to institute harsher punishments for those who seek to harm young people for financial gain. Tim will work alongside the General Assembly to continue to make it clear to these criminals that they are not welcome here, and that our kids are not for sale in Virginia. Not now, and not ever.

Most recently, he passed HB1964, Virginia’s first standalone sex trafficking law.

To learn more about the fight against human trafficking, click the links below:

Legislation Introduced by Tim

HB1898 – raised the penalty for abducting any individual for the purposes of prostitution or abducting a minor for child pornography.

HB1606 – stiffens the penalty for soliciting a minor for prostitution by increasing it from a Class 1 misdemeanor to a felony.

HB485 – expands the toolbox for Virginia law enforcement to track down and prosecute suspected traffickers operating online.

HB1964 – establishes Virginia’s first standalone sex trafficking statute, provides for felonies for any offender caught trafficking children, regardless of whether the victim was forced, intimidated, or coerced.