Mental Health

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After the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, Tim became committed to addressing mental health issues so that many of our young people could receive the help they need in the hopes of preventing another tragedy. Working with his colleagues in 2008, the Virginia General Assembly enacted comprehensive mental health legislation including several pieces of legislation that Tim co-sponsored. Last year, the Governor signed his bill, HB 1075, which requires community service boards to provide hospitals with informational materials on substance and alcohol abuse services to minors.

During the 2013 General Assembly session, Tim introduced HB 1609 which strives to improve the coordination between public four-year higher education institutions, mental health facilities, and local hospitals. HB 1609 ensures that all four-year public colleges and universities have mechanisms in place in order to expand services available to students seeking treatment. Specifically it allows universities and community services boards to work together so that there is notification when a student is involuntarily committed, or when a student is discharged from a facility and he consents to such notification.