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I understand that transportation is one of government’s core responsibilities. An eroding transportation infrastructure not only hampers economic development, but it also diminishes our quality of life.

I will continue to ensure that your neighborhood and secondary roads are safe and properly maintained, and will remain a common sense voice for major transportation projects so that our interstates and highways meet the needs for all Northern Virginians.

In the 2014 legislative session, I co-sponsored HB2, which created a process to prioritize proposed transportation projects with traffic relief being the most important criteria.

Pleasant Valley Road Realignment – Worked with Virginia Run HOA and VDOT to realign Pleasant Valley Road. The project helped reduce traffic accidents by incorporating turn lanes and shortening the distance across Pleasant Valley Road for pedestrians.

Braddock Road/Ox Road Corridor Improvements – Worked to ensure $15 million for underpass from GMU, under Rt. 123, extending to Prestwick Drive. This project will significantly reduce traffic at the Braddock Road/Rt. 123 intersection.

Chief co-patron of legislation that extends the sunset provision on use of HOV lanes by vehicles with Clean Special Fuel license plates.