Health Care


Tim believes a core function of government is to provide services to those most in need. Tim believes in taking real steps to improve and invest in the healthcare safety net to meet the needs of Virginia’s most vulnerable citizens.

That’s why Tim Sponsored:

This year, Tim co-sponsored HB 2267, which requires any health benefit plan amended, renewed, or delivered on or after January 1, 2018, to provide coverage for hormonal contraceptives (birth control), to cover up to a 12-month supply.

In 2015, Tim was the chief co-patron of HB 1940, which expanded coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Based on research by the Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) Autism Center of Excellence report that the average age of diagnosis in Virginia is between six and seven years of age. This legislation expanded the coverage to individuals between the ages of two through ten.

In 2014, Tim’s legislation, HJ 93, designated the first week in October, as Chiropractic Health Week in Virginia. The chiropractic profession promotes musculoskeletal health and overall wellness by encouraging patients and the public to maintain a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, regular exercise and restful sleep instead of relying solely on medication.

In 2014, Tim co-sponsored HB 387, which ensures a simple pulse oximetry screening for critical congenital heart defects is performed on every baby prior to discharge. This Bill saves lives. If left undetected, critical congenital heart defects can result in death or disability.  By ensuring screenings for all newborns, these life-threatening conditions can be caught prior to discharge.

In 2011, Tim co-sponsored HJR 643, which designates May as “Lyme Disease Awareness Month” in Virginia. Then in 2013, Tim co-sponsored HB 1933, which requires health care providers notify anyone tested for Lyme disease about the risk of false negatives to better protect Virginians.