Veteran Affairs


Virginia is home to nearly 800,000 veterans, roughly 1 in 10 of all Virginians, which is why Tim, as a veteran, has advanced and backed legislation supporting veterans. Legislation that includes making it easier to transition into civilian life and ensuring veterans have the best care available. Tim supports providing resources to those who complete their active duty.

In 2016, Tim co-sponsored HB 477, to establish two new veteran care centers, in Hampton Roads and in Fauquier County, in order to help provide veterans with quality long-term healthcare.

In 2012, Tim co-sponsored several bills aimed at helping veterans, two of which provide a real estate tax exemption for disabled veterans. The bills clarify that real property held in specific trusts by a disabled veteran, a disabled veteran and spouse, or a surviving spouse of a disabled veteran, qualifies for the real estate tax exemption for the primary residence.

House Bill 195 directs governing boards of public institutions of higher education to implement policies awarding academic credit to students for educational experience gained from military service.

To improve the delivery of benefit services to veterans, he sponsored HB 1121, to increase the ratio of claims agents with the Department of Veterans Services to the number of veterans in the Commonwealth to one agent for every 23,000 veterans, a 12.5 percent increase in the number of claims agents.