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Tim believes that every child in Virginia deserves a high-quality education. He has supported increased investment that puts more money in the classroom and pay raises for Virginia’s K-12 teachers in order to attract and retain the best teachers. Just this year, Tim supported the 2019 state budget which included a 5% teacher pay raise and $85.7 million in new funding for K-12 education.

Tim also has supported legislation that would lower class sizes in primary and secondary schools, giving students more time with their teachers and improving the quality of education.

Regarding higher education, Tim believes that Virginia’s public colleges and universities should admit more in-state students every year.  He has sponsored legislation to increase the share of in-state students at Virginia colleges and universities, so more of our kids can go to great schools.

In 2019, he voted to freeze tuition at Virginia colleges.  Tim Hugo supports reining in rising costs of college tuition.  Tim was also the chief co-patron of HB 1611, which will lower the cost of prepaid tuition contracts by more than $3,000 on an eight-semester tuition contract.  Both initiatives will help ease the cost of a college education on Virginia students and families