Health Care


Tim has a long record of working to improve healthcare, lower costs for consumers, and protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

In 2019, Tim sponsored HB 2515 to ban accumulator adjustor programs (AAPs) thereby requiring insurance companies to count coupons towards a patient’s deductible. This commonsense legislation will allow patients to use these discount coupons and lower the cost of their care.

Tim also supported legislation to expand access to telemedicine and mandate that insurers cover these services.  This will not only lower costs on consumers but will give more people access to care.  Tim also sponsored HB 2267, which requires insurance companies cover birth control for those who want it, saving consumers money.

In 2015, Tim Hugo Sponsored HB 1940, which mandated insurance companies expand their coverage of autism and in 2019 sponsored legislation to expand this coverage so even more kids could be covered.

He also sponsored legislation to mandate that hospitals screen newborns for congenital heart defects before they are discharged from the hospital.  Congenital heart defects can be lethal, and by simply mandating a screening

In 2011, Tim co-sponsored HJR 643, which designates May as “Lyme Disease Awareness Month” in Virginia. Then in 2013, Tim co-sponsored HB 1933, which requires health care providers notify anyone tested for Lyme disease about the risk of false negatives to better protect Virginians

Tim cares about people and has sponsored legislation to mandate that they get quality care.  He has also worked to lower the cost of healthcare on consumers.