Protecting Victims

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Tim is committed to protecting victims of abuse, violence, and human trafficking. As your Delegate, he voted to require abusers who are convicted of domestic assault a second time to spend at least 60 days in jail so victims have time and space to recover.

Tim has also been a leader in Virginia’s fight against human trafficking having sponsored multiple pieces of legislation to combat this heinous crime. In 2011, he introduced HB 1898 which raised the penalty for abducting any individual for the purposes of prostitution or abducting a minor for child pornography to a felony. His next bill, HB 1606, made soliciting a minor for prostitution a felony as well.

In 2014, Tim then passed HB 485 to expand the toolbox for Virginia law enforcement to track down and prosecute suspected traffickers operating online. Finally, in 2015, he passed HB 1964 establishing Virginia’s first standalone sex trafficking statute and provided for felonies for any offender caught trafficking children, regardless of whether the victim was forced, intimidated, or coerced.