During Operation Desert Storm, Tim’s career was taking off, but, at the age of 27, he decided to quit his job and enlist in the U.S Army. He saw many young men and women being called into service and he could not sit on the sidelines.

Nearly thirty years of public service was forged at the Pentagon, as a Congressional staffer, and seventeen years serving the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Delegate.

In 2002, Tim was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. As a member of the General Assembly, Tim rose to be the third ranking member of the House of Delegates. As a conservative representing Northern Virginia, Tim helped shape some of the most crucial legislation that made Virginia one of the safest and best places to live.

As Delegate, Tim was a consistent conservative. In 2019, he sponsored and passed a $500 million tax cut. For seventeen years, he defended the Second Amendment, voted to protect life, and worked to foster Virginia’s #1 ranking for business.

As Lieutenant Governor, Tim will work to position Virginia for a 21st Century economy, bring about a strong economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, defend your Constitutional rights, hold the line on additional tax increases, and stand up for the men and women in law enforcement.

Tim grew up in Virginia Beach and graduated from the College of William and Mary before moving to Northern Virginia. Tim has been and remains active in youth, civic, athletic, and religious associations. He, his wife, and their four children reside in Clifton.

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