Richmond Update


As this week begins, I wanted to provide another quick update on what’s happening in Richmond.


UPDATE: Apprenticeship opportunities

My HB 1233 passed the House earlier this week and is now being considered in the Senate. Apprenticeship programs are an amazing opportunity for Virginians looking to enter the workforce. This will ease the bottleneck and allow for more Virginians to become trained in high-demand fields and offer another avenue to success that we must utilize to its full extent.

Charity car wash fundraisers 

My HB1241 passed the House earlier this week and is now being considered in the Senate. Currently, various localities restrict non-profit organizations, local sports teams, and clubs from holding car wash fundraisers. This will allow groups to hold a car wash with biodegradable soaps to lessen the environmental impact. I want to thank Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) for bringing forward this commonsense solution.

Defeated tax increases

We have seen several attempts to raise taxes on the hardworking families of Virginia. This session, my Republican colleagues and I have stopped over $770 million in tax increases. Our constituents sent us to Richmond to pass legislation that will improve their everyday lives, not take more of their hard-earned money for unnecessary government spending.

What’s Happening in Richmond

Below are photos highlighting some of my visitors from last week. If you are able to do so, I encourage you to take the time to visit Richmond while the General Assembly is in session. I would be more than happy to take you on a #TimTour of our Capitol.

Delighted to meet with Andrea from the Prince William NAACP.

Meg, my constituent, stopped by to discuss childhood cancer awareness.  

Happy to have met with my constituent, Moksha, and her fellow UVA students who visited Richmond for their Lobby Day.

In the News

Freshmen Democrats struggle for early wins in General Assembly

As a 15-year incumbent and the lone Republican left representing Prince William in the House, Del. Tim Hugo, R-40th District, stands as a good example of the value of seniority. He managed to pass eight of his 26 bills and roll four more into legislation that also ended up passing, with just three bills killed in subcommittee. “I’ve been able to get things done, from the small to the big and complicated, and the fact that I’m in House leadership helps with that,” said Hugo, who serves as majority caucus chair. “I hope people appreciate it.”

Senate adopts funding bills for Metro, Interstate 81

The Senate adopted what would be the biggest transportation funding package in five years with separate bills to generate $154 million a year to repair the deteriorated Washington-area Metro system.  On the other side of the Capitol, the House of Delegates voted 78-21 to approve House Bill 1539, proposed by Del. Tim Hugo, R-Fairfax, to raise $105 million a year for Metro but without any tax increases. The legislation also would create a Virginia reform board to oversee the financial health and safety of the transit system.

*Inaddition to creating a reform board my HB1539 also institutes strict spending controls.