Delegate Hugo’s Net Metering Bill Signed Into Law


Richmond, VA – Delegate Tim Hugo’s net metering bill, HB 2547, was signed into law on Monday.

“I am proud to have carried legislation that supports an all-of-the above energy approach,” Delegate Tim Hugo said. “Not only will this legislation provide more access to solar power for everyday Virginians, but will also save money for consumers.”

Current law has a 1% net metering cap for electric cooperatives; HB 2547 further expands solar energy by increasing the cap to 10%. Additionally, this legislation also allows more flexibility for cooperatives to manage their rates to accommodate the expansion of residential solar.

This expansion provides low and moderate income consumers access to solar power, along with allowing consumers to reduce the amount of money they spend on electricity each month. Consumers also have an opportunity to make money by selling their unused energy.

“This is a landmark bill that makes renewable energy more accessible to more Virginians,” Andrew Vehorn, Director of Legislative Affairs for the Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives. “Delegate Hugo’s leadership on solar policy fosters a free-market for renewables by removing regulatory burdens while also reducing the subsidy from non-participating ratepayers.”