Tim Hugo Announces Campaign for Lt. Governor of Virginia

October 5, 2020
Contact: (703) 815-1201

Tim Hugo Announces Campaign for Lt. Governor of Virginia

“After discussions with my family and prayerful consideration, I am officially announcing my candidacy for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor of Virginia.

“I have heard from friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors who have watched as one-party control has led to diminished leadership of our Commonwealth and a disregard for opposing viewpoints. Their concern has been compounded by the lack of leadership to reopen our economy and get our children safely back in the classroom. One-party control has failed Virginia and enough is enough.

“After not even a year of one-party control, Democrats have radically transformed our Commonwealth. Policies that were once considered too liberal for states like New York and California are becoming law. As a consequence, Virginia will be less safe and less prosperous.

“As Republicans, now more than ever, we must provide voters a clear choice between the radicalism of the left and our common sense conservative policies. I want to ensure that Virginia is a bastion of economic opportunity, protects civil liberties, and has a renewed commitment to public safety. That is why I’m running for Lt. Governor.”